b'139816812808 814An antique silver Albert fob chain,An antique French gold ring set with19th century, seven diamonds, early 20th century,34cm long 6 grams$60100$500750 809 815 810An antique gold ring set with pearl, An antique 15ct gold flower brooch set 19th century, with seed pearls, circa 1900,tests as 15ct gold or higher, stamped 15ct with pictorial makers 3 grams total marks,$3005005cm long, 3.5 grams$150250 810An antique 15ct gold moon and stars bar816 brooch set with 31 diamonds, late 19thA stunning Art Deco platinum bowearly 20th century, brooch set with diamonds, circa 1920s,5cm wide, 10.5 grams stamped 18 PLAT.,$8001,2004.5cm wide, 8 grams total$1,5002,500 811817 809An antique diamond floral cluster brooch, silver topped with gold back,Three antique and vintage ivory bead19th century, necklaces, early 20th century,4cm wide, 9.5 grams the largest 52cm long (3)$6001,000$300500 812 818 820Antique gold butterfly brooch set withChinese ivory bead necklace, An antique French jet bead necklacediamonds, rubies, sapphire and seedearly 20th century, with silver clasp, 19th century,pearls, circa 1900, 86cm long an impressive 202cm long4cm wide, 5 grams total $400600$250350 $400600 819 821813 An antique French jet and cut glassA group of butterfly wing andFour antique bangles, hollow gold, cameo brooch; plus four antique shoesilver jewellery comprising threegold filled, rolled gold and gold plated,buckles, early 19th century, brooches, a pendant and a necklace, 19th and early 20th century (4) the brooch 8cm high (5) early 20th century, (6)$250350$120200$200300 '