b'136782 783780782DEACON English carriage clock,778 780gilt metal and enamel, early 20th century,An antique French bell shaped deskA French carriage clock withstamped Deacon, Swindon, clock, cast metal case with silveredRoman numerals in brass case,Made In England,finish, 19th century, early 20th century, with key and running,14cm high stamped Made In France, 15cm high$20030014cm high $600800 $150250 779 783A French black slate and marble781 A German Art Deco polar bear clock,clock set, time and strike movement,A walnut cased mantel clock in themarble and alabaster, circa 1930, 19th century, (3 items), form of a grandfather clock, most likely16cm high, 18cm wide32cm high German, late 19th century, $350450 $20030031cm high$120200784J. KAISER UNIVERSE German 400 daydome clock, moonphase with terrestrial globe pendulum, circa 1954,this model is often referred to as the best 400 day clock ever produced,28cm high$400600 785 United Self Starting vintage electric mantel clock with horse statue, mid 20th century,wired for American standards,29cm high, 43cm wide$200300 786GARANT Schwere Anker retro Germantime and strike wall clock, circa 1960,26cm diameter$100200 787BOY of London stainless steel wristwatchwith double dial, in original tin with papers,$60100 788A reproduction French style mantel clockwith gilt cherubs, late 20th century,50cm high$120200 781 784'