b'80511Chinese boxed set of 10 hand-paintedjade eggs, boxed miniature cloisonn vase, pair of Chinese spinach jade goblets, cloisonn letter opener, Great Wall of China souvenir and a Chinese opera souvenir, 20th century,the goblets 6.5cm high (6)$100200 512Chinese ceramic blue and white liddedpot, two lots of assorted Chinese prints and two textiles, 20th century,the pot 25cm high (qty)$80120 513 Eight assorted Chinese fitted boxes, 20th century,the largest 30cm wide$60100 514A Chinese carved soapstone statue,20th century,15cm high$60100 515 517 Japanese cloisonn tray with cockerel, 516 hen and chick worked in silver wire by WATANAVE SEITEI for NAMIKAWA SOSUKE,501 506 Meiji period, late 19th century,A Chinese carved jade monkey bowl A pair of Chinese carved stone Foored signature mark to front. on wooden stand, 20th century, dogs and two soapstone carvings,For a similar example see The Splendors 13.5cm high, 17cm wide 20th century, Of Imperial Japan, Arts Of The Meiji $150250the Foo dogs 16cm high (4) Period In The Khalili Collection,$12020029.5 x 29.5cm502 $6,0008,000 507Three Chinese scholars rests,carved bamboo, 20th century, Four Chinese export ware porcelain516 the largest 38cm long (3) teapots, 19th/20th century, Japanese Tokyo school carved ivory$200300two missing lids, figure with hand-painted finish, 13cm high (4) Meiji period, circa 1900,503 $80120red seal mark to base,23cm high Set of four Chinese carved wooden$1,5002,500 stands, 20th century, 508the largest 7.5cm high, 21.5cm wide,A Chinese Blanc de Chine statue of a9.5cm deep (4) seated Mandarin official, 20th century, 517$150250double seal mark to base,Japanese carved ivory figure of a 45cm high musician and frogs, Meiji period, 504 $150250early 20th century,two character mark to base,Chinese inkstone box set,19.5cm high early 20th century, 509 $8001,200 the box 30cm wide A Chinese ceramic blue and white lidded$120200jar, porcelain vase and a lidded urn, 19th and 20th century, 518the largest 43cm high (3) A superb pair of Japanese cloisonn 505$200300porcelain vases by TAKEUCHI CHUBEI, Twenty pieces of assorted cloisonn Meiji period, 19th century, rare, and enamel ware, 20th century, signed Dai Nippon Kojin Takeuchi,the largest 17.5cm high (20) 510 26 cm high (2)$120200Four assorted Chinese stone seals and$14,00016,000four Chinese ink blocks, 20th century,the ink blocks 9.5cm long (8)$100200 '