b'1140An antique Sheffield plate teapot withengraved griffin coat of arms with the motto LOVE AND DREAD, early 19th century,25cm high$250350 41 A pair of French silvered bronze five branch candelabra, mid 19th century,49cm high (2)$1,0001,500 42Set of six Scottish sterling silver Kingspattern dinner forks by Hay of Edinburgh, circa 1852, 4120cm long, 410 grams total (6)$400600 45 47A antique set of 12 sterling silver handledSet of three English sterling silver wine 43Set of six Scottish sterling silver KingsKings pattern entree knives and 12bottle coasters engraved with vines dinner knives with Sheffield steel blades,and grapes with bird crests, by Edward, pattern entre forks by Hay of Edinburgh,19th/20th century, Edward Junior, John and William Barnard, circa 1852, 21.5cm and 24cm long (24) London, circa 1840,17cm long, 215 grams total (6)$4006005cm high, 14cm diameter (3)$200300$1,0001,500 44 46A pair of Scottish sterling silver Kings48Set of six Scottish sterling silver Kings pattern spoons by Mackay & Chisholm A pair of English sterling silver pattern spoons, stamped W.H. with Glasgow mark, circa 1843, of Edinburgh, circa 1852, tablespoons by William Robert Smily19cm long, 288 grams total (6) 17.5cm long, 75 grams (2) of London, circa 1857,$120200 22cm long, 222 grams total$300500$150250 47'