b'172TOBACCIANA &1058 1059An antique German pipe, silver, An Austro-Hungarian horse head carved CORKSCREWS meerschaum, wood, brass and horn,meerschaum pipe in plush fitted box engraved 1827, marked C.K. WIEN with royal crest, 1056 50cm long 19th century,Gents head portrait pipe, carved$15025013cm long$150250 meerschaum and amber with silver collar in leather case, late 19th century,106014cm long$150250An antique English corkscrew withcrown patent, whalebone, bristle, brass 1057 and steel with ratchet mechanism, An antique hand-painted porcelain pipe19th century,19cm highbowl and a German long pipe with silver$400600 mounts (no mouthpiece), 19th century,the German pipe 69cm long (2)$801201061 A can can dancers leg pipe, carved meerschaum, timber and amber in original leather case, 19th century,13cm long$150250 10621056 An antique English corkscrew withapplied coat of arms, whalebone, bristle, brass and steel, 19th century, 17cm high$400600 1063A Georgian corkscrew, whalebone,bristle and steel, 19th century,15cm high $250350 1064A horse and rider with dog carvedmeerschaum pipe with amber mouthpiece in fitted case, 19th century,1061 11cm long$150250 106410651062'