b'1731065 Ladies head pipe, carved meerschaum and amber with silver collar in leather case, late 19th century,13.5cm long$200300 1066 Two eagles claw pipes, carved meerschaum, amber and silver in leather cases, 19th century,13cm and 14cm long (2)$200300 1067Three assorted meerschaum pipes,horses with rider, cherub, and a dog,two in fitted cases, 19th century,the largest 16.5cm long (3) 1068$150250 1068Two pipes, one in the form of a revolver,the other an American civil war soldier, 19th and early 20th century,12.5cm and 10cm long (2)$200300 1069Four assorted French portrait claypipes, two in form of ottoman heads, 19th century,the largest 8.5cm long (4)$15025010751070Three assorted meerschaum pipes, late 19th and early 20th century,the largest 15cm long (3) 1074 1078Four novelty pipes, carved timber $120200Antique silver pipe cleaner, silver and American Indian, lion, Chinese figurespearl shell opium pipe, a Chinese carved and a Boer war example engravedhorn opium pipe and a silver cigar holder 1071 DIYATALAWA, BOER CAMP,case, 19th century,Two antique pipes, timber with19th and 20th century, the largest 15cm long (4) decorative silver mounts in fitted cases,the largest 16cm long (4) $120200 late 19th and early 20th century, $150250 16cm and 14cm long (2) 1079$1202001075 Five assorted pipes, carvedtimber, one in the form of a hand, Two antique pipes, carved meerschaum 1072 in the of hands with amber mouth pieces,19th and 20th century,Five assorted cigar holders, amber withboth in fitted cases, 19th century, the largest 19.5cm long (5) gold and silver mounts, all in plush fitted9.5cm and 10cm long (2) $120200 cases, 19th century, $200300 the largest 7.5cm long (5) 1080$1502501076 CIGAR BOX LABELS: 1950s-60s cigarlabels in two folders, many colourful Three assorted carved meerschaum 1073 pipes in fitted cases, 19th century, lithographed types for brands including the largest 11cm long (3) Alhambra, Alvarez Lopez, Imperio Three assorted antique pipes, meerschaum, silver and amber, $150250Del Mundo, Wascana oval label all in plush fitted cases, 19th century, showing native American Indian and the largest 15cm long (3) 1077 tipis, superb large label (25.5x14.5cm) for $150250Jose Garcia Valle showing river scene Eight assorted antique and vintagewith caimans, etc; condition variable,pipes including silver mounted,mostly fine. (100+)corn cobb, carved timber and horn,$100150 19th and 20th century,the largest 14.5cm long (8)$150250END OF SALE'