b'45266268 270 272An Italian micro mosaic bird plaque setAn Italian pietra dura still life panel An Italian micro mosaic picture frame,in black slate with goldstone border,with fruit, 19th/20th century, circa 1900,19th century, 19 x 31cm, frame 41 x 54cm 13.5 x 10cm6.5 x 9.5cm $1,0001,500$120200 $200300 271 273269 An Italian micro mosaic floral plaque A Regency English tea caddy, rosewood talian micro mosaic oval floral plaquewith goldstone border, 19th century, with marquetry inlay, monogram to top Iand four pietra dura floral plaques,6.5 x 5cm A.W.R., circa 1820, 19th century, $120200interior fitted with two lidded the largest 4.5cm wide (5) compartments topped with whale bone $120200handles,15cm high, 16.5cm wide, 14cm deep$300500 268 271'