b'112661658 664 669An antique walnut sideboard with floralA Chinese camphorwood An antique English card table, burr walnut marquetry central panel, ebonized finish,with fold-over top, circa 1875, blanket box, 19th century,curved glass doors and gilt metal mounts,73cm high, 96cm wide, 50cm deep41cm high, 87cm wide, 43cm deep19th century, (100cm when open), $300500 108cm high, 154cm wide, 46cm deep $8001,200 $2,0003,000670665659 An antique toilet mirror with lyre shaped A tilt-top oval wine table with bobbinstand, mahogany, 19th century, A Louis Phillipe French gilt framed pier turned column, mahogany, 19th century, 75cm high, 75cm widemirror, 19th century, 70cm high, 54cm wide, 40cm deep $250350 124 x 80cm $250350 $300500 660 666 A circular footstool with plum velvetAn antique fire screen with tapestry panel, 19th century,button upholstery, 19th century, 100cm high, 61cm wide10cm high, 32cm diameter$6080$250350 661 667An antique English double ended settee,An antique English piercarved walnut frame with plum velvetcabinet, walnut with gilt metal upholstery, circa 1875, mounts, 19th century,180cm across the arms 106cm high, 79cm wide, $8001,20032cm deep$600800 662668Two antique armchairs, carved walnut with plum velvet upholstery, An antique English pier cabinet, 19th century, (2) burr walnut with gilt metal $300500mounts, 19th century,109cm high, 84cm wide, 663 32cm deepAn antique parlour settee, inlaid walnut$600800frame with plum velvet upholstery, 19th century,158cm across the arms$300500670'