b'103738An antique English sterling silver salverby Richard Poulden of London, early to mid 19th century,17cm across, 280 grams$300500 39A fine Sheffield plate meat domeengraved with the Cochrane and Nesbitt family crests, early to mid 19th century,25cm high, 38cm wide, 28cm deep$400600 4035A pair of Scottish silver forks from Edinburgh, circa 1806,22cm long, 146 grams total (2)$120200 36 Set of six Georgian sterling silver mustard spoons all crested with a double headed eagle, two by William Eaton of London the other four stamped J.M. London, circa 1826 and 1828, all with remains of gilt wash finish,10.5cm long, 91 grams total (6)$300500 37WILLIAM BATEMAN II pair of Englishsterling silver ladles, stamped W.B., London, circa 1831,17.5cm long, 150 grams total (2)$250350 39'