b'155910 918 920A pair of French field glasses in originalGOLDEN FLEECE petrolianaFEDO THE DOG rubber injectionleather case, late 19th century, reproduction service station bell, mould, cast copper and brass, English, $80120painted cast iron, early 20th century,35cm high 18cm high911 $120200$120200 Sterling silver pocket scissors by FrancisWebb of Birmingham circa 1904,919stainless steel tree stump paper weight, BUDWEISER dray and horse Endura enamel dish, antique ivoryteam point of sale advertising paper weight, folding ruler, jewellersplastic display model, late magnifier in box, small pottery bust,20th century,gaming pieces and dice in circular box,90cm longand a travel clock, (10 items) $100200 $120200 912Two antique slave rings (manillas), solidcopper and bronze, West African origin, 19th century or earlier,13cm and 11cm wide, 2kg total (2)$300500 913 Slave ankle bracelet, ornate worked metal most likely coin silver, West African origin, 19th century,13cm wide, 375 grams$150250 914Three napkin rings, mineral specimen,wooden and glass fruit ornaments, Murano glass bowl, three old bells, letter opener, wooden boxes and assorted dominoes, (14 items)$100200908915GUINNESS advertising poster LovelyDay For A Guinness, 20th century,Guinness Museum issue with artwork by JOHN GILROY, originally issued in 1955.framed and glazed 86 x 62cm overall$200300 916 PACKERS CHOCOLATES advertising banner, circa 1900,110 x 180cm$250350 917 Eight Bowls Creme De Menthe in novelty decanters, early to mid 20th centuryTallest 22cm high (8)$100200 905'