b'158949TRIBAL ARTEFACTS & ARTWORKS946 948A fine carved wooden crocodile ornamentA tribal paddle, carved wood,with shell eyes, Papua New Guinea,Vanuatu origin, 19th century,20th century 111cm long140cm long $200300 $150250 949947 A tribal pick, carved palmwood, naturalfibre and hardwood, Papua New Guinea, An African ceremonial bowl with carved figural handle, 19th/20th century, 20th century,22cm wide 77cm high$150250$150250 950 An African fertility doll, carved wood,hair and bone, 20th century,38cm high$150250 951Tribal arm band, neck ornament, gopiboard and shark tooth club, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands,the club 100cm long (4)$120200 952Dyak pipe, African carving, Maori pumicecarving and a Japanese folk art statue, 20th century,the largest 40cm high (4)$120200 948 947'