b'74450Two Chinese agate snuff bottles with jade tops, 19th century,7cm and 6cm high (2)$250350 451 A Chinese porcelain plate, 18th century,22cm diameter$150250 443 452Two Chinese ceramic scent bottles(no lids), 19th century and earlier,442 8cm and 5.5cm high (2)A Chinese libation cup, carved horn, $150250Qing Dynasty, 19th century or earlier,15cm high 453$1,5002,500A pair of Chinese cloisonn vaseswith dragon decoration, Qing 443 Dynasty, 19th/20th century,A Chinese circular jewellery box, carved39.5cm high (2) 445 ivory with dragon motif, circa 1900, $500700 6cm high, 8cm diameter$400600454A pair of Chinese cloisonn and copper444 elephant statues, 19th/20th century,A carved ivory bird with hand-painted55cm high (2) finish, early to mid 20th century, $1,5002,500 26cm long$600800455A Swatow blue and white445 dish, a Chinese plate and A Chinese carved ivory card case,an unmarked Chinese cup, 19th/20th century,19th century, the plate 25cm diameter (3)11cm high$8001,000$100200 446A Chinese horse statue, carved ivory andcarved wooden stand, 19th century,16.5cm long$8001,200450447A Chinese carved ivory statueof a seated official, late 19th early 20th century,6cm high$200300 448A pair of Chinese blue and whiteceramic vessels on stands, 18th century,23.5cm high (2)$600800 449A Chinese carved amber figure ofa cat and a carved amber scent bottle (no lid), 19th century,the cat 6.5cm long (2)$250350 446'