b'60ANTIQUITIESFrom a distinguished Sydney Collection (Lots 379402)379ETRUSCAN bronze short sword andscabbard, 6th century B.C.39.5cm long.PROVENANCEChristies, New York, December, 1980.$1,0001,500 380An Egyptian shabti tomb offering, carvedstone with green finish, New Kingdom period, circa 1200 B.C.16.5cm high.PROVENANCEThe Charles Eade Collection$1,0001,500 381A Persian bronze shafted mace head,circa 3000 B.C.14cm high$8001,200 382 An Egyptian bronze axe head of slender crescent form decorated with lion figures, circa 600-700 B.C.Old repair near centre.10.5cm wide.PROVENANCEChristies New York, 18th, October 1982, formerly The Museum Of Archaeology Staten Island New York.$1,0001,500 379383'