b'116680680 682A French envelope card table, kingwoodAn English Art Nouveau cabinet,682 and walnut with marquetry decorationcarved walnut with gilt metal fittings, and ormolu mounts, 19th century, circa 1900,76cm high, 60cm wide, 60cm deep 125cm high, 61cm wide, 37cm deep$8001,200$400600684An impressive antique pedestal of 681 683Corinthian column form, paintedAn antique cast iron table and two chairs,An antique cast iron boot scraper, gesso and carved timber,19th century, 19th century, late 19th early 20th century,the table 63cm high, 50cm diameter (3) 37cm wide 150cm high, 44cm wide, 44cm deep$600800$150250$600800 681'