b'31198 206LOETZ Bohemian Art Nouveau glassA set of six faceted crystal champagnebowl, circa 1900, flutes with hollow stems, most likely 10cm high, 24.5cm wide Bohemian, early 20th century,$30050017cm high (6)$200300 199LEGRAS French Art Nouveau glass vase207with winter landscape, late 19th century, WATERFORD Tralee pattern set of six signed Legras, Irish crystal sherry glasses, 20th century,30cm high acid etched Waterford,$8001,00013cm high (6)$200300 200Bohemian Tango orange glass vasewith black rim, circa 1920s,19.5cm high$60100 201 A Bohemian malachite glass Buddha statue, circa 1920s,21cm high$300500 201202A Bohemian Art Deco pink glass fruit 204bowl with mermaids and lotus flowers byLALIQUE set of six French sherry Josef Inwald Barolac, circa 1930,15cm high, 31.5cm diameter glasses, 20th century,$300500engraved Lalique, France,12cm high (6)$300500 203A Bohemian glass triple distillery bottle, 205circa 1920s, VAL ST. LAMBERT set of six French acid etched circular mark Czechoslovakia, coloured cut crystal wine glasses, 57cm high 20th century,$250350engraved Val St. Lambert,18cm high (6)$400600 202199'