b'88549 557A Japanese circular box, carved ivory A Japanese cloisonn vase with cranes with lion decoration, Meiji period, and reeds on grey ground, Meiji period, 4cm high, 6.5cm diameter early 20th century,$25035019cm high$120200 550A Japanese netsuke of a small558 boy, carved ivory, Meiji period,A pair of Japanese porcelain export ware19th/20th century, mantel vases, 19th century,2.5cm high, 3.5cm wide 37cm high (2)$150250$150250 551 559A Japanese netsuke of a ram, carvedA Fukagawa Japanese porcelain vase,ivory, Meiji period, 19th/20th century, Taish period, circa 1920,22cm high3.5cm high, 4.5cm wide$150250$250350 552 560Four assorted Japanese woodblockA Japanese elm vase withprints, Meiji period, 19th century, lacquered floral decoration, Showa unframed, period, 20th century,the largest 47 x 38cm (4) 30cm high 553$200300$80120 553 561 564Kinkozan, Japanese Satsuma potteryJapanese Satsuma and Kutani ware,A Japanese export ware ceramic liddedvase finely decorated with Geisha scene,19th and 20th century, mantel vase, early 20th century,Meiji period, 19th century, the largest 15cm high (7) damaged and restored,four character seal mark to base, $12020045cm high15cm high $4060 $450550562Chinese lidded pot, teapot in carrier, two565 vases, Japanese vase and lidded bowl, ndian pen case, made from segments I19th and 20th century, of bone with hand-painted scenes, the largest 24cm high (6) early 20th century,$12020024cm across$120200 554A Japanese ceramic bento box,20th century,22cm high$60100563A Japanese bronze statue of a crane,555 Stowa period, 20th century,A Japanese Satsuma tea set,40cm high early 20th century, (15 items), $120200 the pot 19cm high$250350 556A pair of Japanese circular lacqueredserving trays, Showa period, 20th century,27cm diameter (2)$80120 572'