b'52313309309 313A ladies jewellery box, tortoiseshell, bone An Italian bronze portrait plaquein timber surround, 19th century, and silver, interior lined and fitted in blue the plaque 7.5cm diameter, the mountsilk and velvet, 19th century,10.5cm diameter 6cm high, 14cm wide, 9.5cm deep$100200$150250 310 314An antique calling card case, tortoiseshellAn antique ivory pocket snuff box,and mother of pearl with ivory trim andearly 19th century,silk lining, 19th century, 4.5cm wide10cm high $150250 $150250 315311 An antique pocket looking glass, 310 An antique calling card case, motherivory and gilt metal, 19th century, of pearl with ivory trim and silk lining,9cm high, 4.5cm diameter19th century, $20030031810cm high A desk tidy paper holder, taxidermy fox$150250316 foot, sterling silver and oak, engraved Worzel, Jan 24th, 1896,A Dieppe carved ivory statue of a naked 12cm long312 boy with quill and books, 19th century,An English apprentice mirror, mahogany11cm high $120200and glass, 19th century, $500600 20cm high, 16.5cm wide, 14cm deep 319$150250A letter opener, silver plate with bronze 317jockey handle wrapped in a taxidermied A Black Forest bookstand with carved horses ear, 19th century,oak leaf decoration, 19th century, 39.5cm long39cm wide $300500 $120200 315318'