b'1701044MODELS & TOYS1040Set of antique dominoes, whalebone and ebony, 19th century,each tile 5cm high1041 $150250 1041Set of antique ivory billiard balls in originalmahogany box with green felt lining, 19th century,the box 20.5cm wide$300500 1042Four antique ivory billiard balls,19th century (4)$300500 1043A rare antique Continental treen warecard press with four box compartments, two removable porcelain scoreboards and pencils, plus antique cards, 19th century,22cm high,29cm wide, 15cm deep$600800 1044An antique games box, coromandel,gilt metal and cabochon agate, interior fitted with red leather and blue silk compartments housing ebony and ivory counters and scoreboards plus antique playing cards, 19th century,9.5cm high, 30cm wide, 19cm deep$600800 1045'