b'125849 53A Continental silver tablespoon, most Set of three pieces of English sterling silver cutlery with porcelain handle, likely northern European, 19th century,made in London, circa 1881, stamped Q 800 with makers name the knife 20cm long (3) only partially legible .LLEVIE,$15025021cm long, 76 grams$120200 5054Set of four sterling silver Apostle spoons by Henry Holland of London,A set of 12 French spoons in originalcirca 1863, plush fitted box, by Morlot & Co. of 11cm long, 58 grams total (4) Marseille, 19th century, 62$10020014.5cm long, 272 grams total,the box 31.5cm wide 5651 $300500 Set of six silver ecclesiastical teaspoons, 19th century,An antique English sterling silver warming tureen most likely by Harrison & Howson,55 11cm long, 72 grams total (6)Sheffield, circa 1863, $120200 Set of three silver serving forks, possibly 39cm across the handles, 2,300 grams Russian with Italian 900 over stamps, $2,5003,50019th century,21.5cm long (3)52 $150250 A pair of Scottish sterling silverteaspoons made in Glasgow, circa 1867;together with a pair of Scottish silver sugar nips made in Glasgow, circa 1885,57 grams total (3)$120200 51'