b'121697A Chinese display cabinet withfaux bamboo carved timber frame, early 20th century,185cm high, 94cm wide, 31cm deep$1,0001,500 698A pair of Chinese pedestals,carved wood with inset marble tops, early 20th century,78cm high, 32cm diameter (2)$600800 705699 A glory box trunk, camphor wood withA Chinese opium table, carved timber,floral brass fittings and single drawer,19th/20th century, early 20th century, 69932cm high, 89cm wide, 43cm deep 67cm high, 100cm wide, 56cm deep$400600$400600 707700 706 A pair of French bedside cabinets, oakAn English oak dwarf bookshelf, A French Art Nouveau fire screen,with marble tops, early 20th century,wrought iron and beaten copper,early 20th century, 88cm high, 41.5cm wide, 41.5cm deep circa 1900, 87cm high, 38cm wide, 25cm deep (2)82cm high, 56cm wide $250350$500700 $400600 701 An instrument box, blackwood and walnut, circa 1900,27cm high, 45cm wide, 25cm deep$120200 702 A gilt framed mirror, 19th century,63 x 68cm$60100 703An oak revolving bookstand, English,late 19th century,94cm high, 50cm wide, 53cm deep$600800 704An English hallstand, oak with brasspegs, early 20th century,190cm high, 84cm wide, 30cm deep$300500 698694'