b'153TAXIDERMY898Fallow deer mounted antlers on timber899 shield panel, 20th century,62cm high overall, 45cm wide$100200 899A taxidermied hawk in flight,early to mid 20th century,wingspan 80cm$200300 900Two impressive conch shells, Pacific Islands, early 20th century,51cm and 54cm long (2)$250350 903 901 An antique horn mounted in A taxidermied mountain duck, silver with silver plaques on timber board, late 19th century,20th century, the horn 23cm long38cm high$200300$4,0006,000 902 904An African lion skin rug,A taxidermied fox display,early to mid 20th century,early to mid 20th century, 327 x 200cm46cm high, 100cm long$100200$2,0003,000 901 904'