b'32213 208208 213 215Bohemian Art Deco uranium glass vase LALIQUE French glass platter LALIQUE Perdrix Debout French Art with nymphs and grapes, circa 1925, with fish border, Deco frosted glass bird statue,13cm high engraved Lalique, France, engraved Lalique, France,$25035027cm wide with original paper label,$25035018cm high209 $500700 A French Art Deco opalescent glass vase214 with grapes and leaves, circa 1930, Three French Art Deco opalescent glass14cm high ramekins, circa 1930s,$150250stamped Made In France,13cm wide (3)210 $150250 WHITEFRIARS English crystal decanterwith millefiori stopper, 20th century,25.5cm high$400600 211WATERFORD Irish crystal decanter,20th century,33.5cm high$150250 212 LALIQUE Libellule Grande French violet glass car mascot on original base, circa 1920s,later wooden plinth,25cm high$10,00015,000 215 210'