b'59367 374Bronze statues, South American Four Italian porcelain figurines, late 20th century, pottery flutes, two bronze religious the largest 27cm high plaques, figural porcelain candlestick, $80120possum ornament, cribbage board, pottery beaker, painted wooden vase, 368 Murano millefiori glass ornament, and a souvenir of Riga musical book ornament, 19th and 20th century,Pewter box, graduated set of measures, plates, beaker, lidded bowl, silverthe largest 26cm high (13)plated candle stick and sugar basin,$100200 20th century,the candlestick 19cm high (15)$80120375Japanese porcelain fruit bowl, prayer369 wheel, three Japanese pottery tea bowls, two pottery bowls, two vases, two metal Pewter statues, miniature ornaments,boxes, pewter egg ornament, Chinesesugar scuttle, tastevin, bells etc,bronze dish, Indian miniature ornament, 20th century, Indian bowl, elephant pipe and pair of the largest 12cm high (15) blue and white porcelain condiments,$6010020th century,the tallest vase 19.5cm high (19)370 $80120Two repouss copper panels, one silver plated and titled The Lost Spirit,376 357circa 1910, An Italian enamel metal fruit bowl the larger 45 x 36cm overall (2) in the form of a lotus, 20th century,$10020025cm high, 38cm diameter$120200 371A Thai cast metal statue, brass antelope377 statue and a resin Anubis statue,A wine cooler, cream20th century, enamel and metal, the largest 40cm high (3) circa 2000,$6010016cm high, 65cm wide$120200 372Amaryllis vase by Gijs Bakker, fruit bowl378 knife ornament and a Black Piment Agate seal and Teacaddy, snuff box, glass the vase 25cm high (4) ornaments, necklace, $60100wooden bowl, pottery animals and statue, 373 19th and 20th century,the statue 19cm high (10) Four assorted scent and opium bottles,$80120 scarab beetle faience seal, Chinese bone boat ornament, and five assorted ornaments, 20th century,the largest 10cm high (11)$60100 348352'