b'78484 486A Chinese porcelain lotus bowl Chinese export porcelain teacupand saucer, 18th century, with enamel decoration and the saucer 13cm diameter (2) turquoise glazed interior,$120200Qing dynasty, 19th century,8cm high, 18cm wide485 $250350A Chinese Canton export ware lidded jar, Qing Dynasty, mid 19th century, 48714cm high, 14.5cm diameter A Chinese smiling standing Buddha$200300with peach, cast bronze, early to mid 20th century, 48657cm high$600800489Japanese bronze dragon vase, miniature488 cloisonn vase (signed), Indian miniature A Chinese 6 fold screen,enamel elephant studded with rubies,early 20th century, three Sino-Tibetan animal ornaments, 185cm high, 246cm wide 19th and 20th century,$1,0001,500the dragon vase 15cm high (6)$100200 490 ARTIST UNKNOWN (CHINESE SCHOOL),lilies, butterflies and bamboo,painting on silk,signed lower right,40 x 26cm484 $150250 488'