b'49294 296293 296A Georgian miniature portrait of a lady inA Continental oval portraitrose gold mount, reverse with braidedminiature on porcelain in a piano hair display, both sides under originalivory and tortoiseshell frame, convex glass, 19th/20th century,late 18th century, 14 x 12cm overall9.5cm high overall $300500 $600800 297294 An Anglo-Indian Sideli gloveAn antique hand-painted miniature in giltbox, silver, bone, ebony andmetal frame, 19th century, sandalwood, 19th century,9 x 6cm 5.5cm high, 26cm wide, $25035010cm deep$300500 295A Persian miniature floral painting on298 298 ivory in original inlaid frame, 20th century, A French snuffbox with hand-painted23 x 12.5cm overall portrait top mounted in gilt metal, $120200tortoiseshell and horn, late 18th century,6cm diameter$600800 297'