b'20114 117112 114 116Three antique porcelain cabinet platesGerman porcelain statue of EuropaCOALBROOKDALE English porcelain with hand-painted floral scenes,and child, 19th century, pair of statues of the bird handlers, mid 19th century, blue factory mark R, 1762, circa 1810,one titled verso Lesser Day Lily, 15.5cm high blue factory mark to base with antique the largest 24.5cm diameter (3) $150250paper label,$12020015cm high (2)115 $400600 113 MEISSEN German porcelain statue of aA pair of French gilded porcelain mantelboy feeding ducks, 18th/19th century, urns with swan handles, circa 1830, blue crossed swords mark,26cm high (2) 13.5cm high$250350$400600 116 115'