b'135CLOCKS & TIMEPIECES765 769An antique German Christmas tree standAn antique French empire style mantelwith clockwork musical movement,clock, time and strike movement in white late 19th century, marble case with gilt metal mounts, 26cm diameter 19th century.$200300case very loose requiring attention,40cm high766 $300500An antique French porcelain cased clock in the form of a grandfather clock,77019th century, A grandfather clock, threedial marked Duguel Boulay Aweight movement with walnut Chateaudun, the case signed fait parveneer case, 20th century,moij Francois Denis, 205cm high29.5cm high $120200 $250350 771767 A French Egyptian Revival mantelANSONIA Triumph American 8 dayclock, time and strike movementtime and strike movement, original paperwith open escapement, fine slate label on the back, circa 1880, and rouge marble case with bronze 63cm high statue top, 19th century,$8001,20055cm high$8001,000 768COD FISHING French three piece772 figural clock set, cast spelter on ebonized INDUSTRY German figural wooden plinths, 19th century, mantel clock, finely cast 76cm high (3) metal with silver plated finish, $600800early 20th century,57cm high 767$600800 773A collection of antique watch makerstools in an antique cedar two drawer miniature chest,the chest 20cm high, 28cm wide, 18cm deep$300500 774Watch makers eight drawer miniaturechest with large quantity of movements and parts,32cm high, 21cm wide, 20cm deep$300500 775Assorted books and manuals on watchesand watch boxes (16)$120200 776Vintage Tissot gents watch in gold case;together with an 18ct gold Ritex ladies watch,the Tissot 3.5cm across (2)$250350 777 German Clock Peddler cast iron figural clock, 19th century,38cm high$300400 771'