b'140824825826822 827A ladies cocktail evening purse,GEORG JENSEN Sterling silver brooch shagreen and gilt metal circa 1930, with butterflies and flowers,interior fitted with compact andstamped George Jensen sterling compartments, Denmark 283,14cm high 5.5cm diameter, 25 grams$250350$600800 823 828A 9ct gold and seed pearl circular brooch; Quantity of costume jewellery, an Art Deco silver, blue enamel andornaments etcmarcasite brooch; and a silver butterfly$60100 necklace, (3)$120200829Guillemette lHoir French plastic brooch824 and earring set, 20th century, GEORG JENSEN Danish sterling silversigned Guillemette lHoir, Paris,circular cufflinks, mid 20th century, the brooch 9cm acrossstamped Georg Jensen, Sterling,$150250 Denmark,$200300830 LEA STEIN group of three vintage plastic 825 panther brooches, circa 1970s,6cm long (3)GEORG JENSEN Danish sterling silver oval cufflinks, mid 20th century, $200300 stamped Georg Jensen, Sterling, Denmark, 925, 831$200300A large pendant, yellow gold with beehivefacet cut smoky quartz, 20th century,826 5cm highGEORG JENSEN Danish sterling$150250silver chevron shaped cufflinks, mid 20th century,stamped Georg Jensen, Sterling, Denmark, 925, GJ Ltd.,$200300 830'