b'157940 Mystery item, nickel plated brass with compound roller, stamped E.W. Agnew & Co. Proprietors, Melbourne. Grays Patent No.36,late 19th century,31cm high$100200 941Small collection of assorted seashells and coral specimens$60100 942Vintage novelty trick cap gun book withoriginal mechanism; title The Bachelor Girl - A Startling Tale; patented 1910.$80120 943KITCHENALIA: Four ceramic mixingbowls and a jelly mould, 19th and 927 early 20th century,the largest bowl 30cm wide (5)$80120 944933 937Scientific balance scales, incomplete, GOLFING INTEREST reproduction doorWine bottle corking devices and antique20th century,38cm high, 43cm wide, 19cm deepstop, painted cast iron, late 20th century, shears, 19th and early 20th century $6080 20cm high the shears 21cm long (4)$3050$60100 945Seventeen assorted insect ornaments, 934 938late 20th century,Three assorted masks, carved andFour carved stone tribal idols, Centralthe stick insect 12cm long (17)painted wood, Mexican and Balinese,American and South East Asian, $100200 20th century, the largest 11cm high (4)the largest 20cm high $120200 $120200 939935 BATHROOMALIA - TOOTHBRUSHES:group of five c.1875 bone toothbrushes Sewing implements, porcelain dolls and cosy tops, mauchline ware book, pottery(without bristles), one by G.B. Kent & vase etc (qty) Sons (London), attractively framed & $60100glazed, overall 48x50cm.$120160 936 Fifteen assorted antique and vintage chemists bottles and two additional stoppers, 19th and 20th century,the largest 26cm high (17)$120200 926'