b'115674 677An English coal scuttle with assorted Sheridan revival circular games table, fire tools, rosewood and marquetryrosewood with satinwood marquetry inlay with gilt metal handle and gallery,inlay, fitted with four triangular 19th century, pivot drawers lined in blue silk, 34cm high, 32cm wide, 45cm deep late 19th century,$35045071cm high, 68cm diameter$600800 675An upholstered oval bedroom seat678with lift top storage compartment,A ladies bedroom chair with carved early 20th century, walnut frame, 19th century52cm high, 62cm wide, 40cm deep $150250 $250350679676An Italian alabaster turned pedestal, An English oak servery table, circa 1900, late 19th century, 115cm high, 107cm wide, 50cm deep 99cm high, 25cm wide, 25cm deep$400600$600800 673675679 676'