b'30186 192Five assorted antique English wine Two Georgian wine glasses with double air twist stems, 18th century, glasses, early 19th century,14cm and 14.5cm high (2) the largest 14.5cm high (5)$500800$400600 187 193A Georgian wine glass with air twistTwo antique glass rummers,stem, early 19th century, 19th century,15.5cm high 12.5cm and 13cm high (2)$250350$150250 188 194A Georgian wine glass with air twistAn English cordial glass, wine glass stem, 18th century, and a sherry glass, 18th and 19th century,12.5cm high 9.5cm, 10cm and 10.5cm high (3) $300500$150250 189 195 Two Georgian wine glasses with air twistSet of six English glasses, 19th century,stems and engraved bowls, 18th century, 10cm high (6)14.5cm high (2) $300500 $400600 196190 Set of six antique English glasses Antique English glass rinser and threewith faceted sides, 18th/19th century, pairs of antique glasses, 19th century, 10.5cm high (6)the glass rinser 9.5cm high, 13cm wide$400600 (7)$150250197187 A pair of Mary Gregory mantel vases, rare191 lime satin glass with hand-painted finish, Four assorted English antique glasses,19th century, 19th century, 24cm high (2)the largest 17.5cm high (4) $350450 $100200 198'