b"56344332 335 338A walking stick, silver horse head handleA Chinese walking stick with ornatelyA walking stick, carved bone bird's headwith Malacca cane shaft and metalcarved jade handle, silver collar, handle with glass eyes, silver collar, ferrule, 19th century, Chinese tiger wood shaft and hornblackthorn shaft and brass ferrule, 93cm high ferrule, 19th century, 19th century,$25035097cm high 93cm long$400600 $300500 333A walking stick, carved ivory dog's head336 339 handle with silver collar, ebony shaft andA Chinese carved ivory handled walking An American Indian themed walking bone ferrule, 19th century, stick with silver collar engraved LOWE,stick, carved deer antler handle, silver93cm high Malacca cane shaft and brass ferrule,collar, Malacca cane shaft and brass $30050019th century, ferrule, 19th/20th century,87cm high 93cm high334 $400600$400600SEVRES French porcelain handled walking stick mounted in gilt metal337 340with cane shaft and copper ferrule,A fine walking stick with elephant headA walking cane, carved ivory handle with19th century, handle covered in snakeskin with glasssilver collar, cane shaft and brass ferrule, 97cm high eyes, ivory tusks and bound in silver;19th century,$300500beautiful fiddleback timber shaft with89cm highbrass and iron ferrule, 19th century, $300500 90cm high$400600 332 333 334 336"