b'189191 95 99Set of six coffee spoons, the headsTwo sterling silver sugar nips, silver GOLFING INTEREST fish servers by Muirhead & Arthur in original plush fittedfashioned from 1940s-50s East Africa vinaigrette, silver jam spoon, silver barrel box, late 19th early 20th century, 1/- silver coins, ebonized handles, housedsalt cellar, silver belt buckle, two ink the box 34cm wide in lined rosewood box (14.5 x 16.5cm) blotters, Royal wedding dish, Napoleon $250350$80120opener, Indian coin silver and bone ornament, plus assorted silver plated 92 96 cutlery, 19th and 20th century,the dish 13cm diameter (22)Royal Society for the Protection of Birds An Asian coin silver bowl, $120200 Burmese or possibly Thai, 20th century, boxed set of 12 sterling silver spoons, 14cm high, 25cm diameter, 520 grams circa 1976,$450550with documentation, 100330 grams total Collection of souvenir tea spoons,93 $250350cocktail forks, cake forks and spoons, silver and silver plate, 20th century, (67)An English sterling silver bowl with two $6080 handles, made in Sheffield, circa 1925, 9712cm high, 19cm across the handles, 230A pair of English silver plated three branchgrams candelabra, late 19th early 20th century, 101$25035046cm high (2)Assorted silver plated cutlery, $10012019th and 20th century, (qty)94 $60100 An English sterling silver tankard 98 made in London, circa 1941, Silver plated trays, spirit kettle,102 12.5cm high, 240 grams candlesticks, wine coasters, utensils,VINER & HALL English silver plated$120200dishes etc., 19th and 20th century, cutlery in canteen with original the spirit kettle 27cm high (20) documentation (carving knife replaced), $100150circa 1920s,the canteen 52cm wide$100200 103A silver plated hot water urn, ex Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne, 20th century,58cm high$150250 104An Indian silver plated serving tray,20th century,62cm diameter$120200 105Silver finished tray, two saucers and two bowls, 20th century,the tray signed Don Sheil,the tray 38cm diameter (5)$100200 92'