b'58347 355A Viennese jewellery box, carved walnutAMPHORA Czechoslovakian Art Decoand ivory, early 20th century, pottery vase, circa 1925,7cm high, 13.5cm wide, 10.5cm deep oval factory stamp Amphora, Made $300500In Czechoslovakia,19cm high348 $60100A pair of Art Deco gazelle bookends,cast metal and timber, circa 1930, 35615.5cm high An American Art Deco Town Crier$250350seven piece bell shaped cocktail set, chrome and walnut, circa 1937,349 invented by Bruce de Montmorency the bell rings when shaken. 347 A French Art Deco statue of a dancing29cm high (7)woman, cast bronze and ivorine on$500700 marble base, circa 1930,31cm high$250350357A novelty car radiator ornament, 350 cast metal, circa 1930s, 360later wooden stand,CHASE Blue Moon American Art20cm high overall Two enamel fish plaques (signed), enamel plaque, vintage plastic pens, salt Deco cocktail set with shaker and eight$250350and pepper shakers, napkin stand and glasses, chromium and Bristol blue glass,pair of miniature boxes,circa 1932. the pens 24cm high (11)The Blue Moon set retailed for US$125358in 1932, A Persian painting on ivory panel,$60100the shaker 30cm high (9) mid 20th century,$50070034 x 24cm overall 361$150250A statue of a girl with flower, cast bronze351 and copper, 20th century,A fine repouss copper picture359 49cm high$400600 Iframe with Art Deco portrait, talian Art Deco pottery bust of a lady early 20th century,with headscarf, circa 1930s,37 x 24cm marked Made In Italy, 362$12020021cm highAn arrow and sphere ornamental orb, $600800bronzed forged iron, late 20th century,352 52cm longA French Art Deco statue of$120200a dancing lady, hollow cast bronze and marble,363circa 1930, A bulldog statue, cast bronze,Barbedienne foundry20th century,mark on base with12.5cm high, 18cm longartist monogram, $120200 34cm high$400600364Chinese carved wooden statue of 353hares, Indian carved wooden statue of a woman, ceramic bull, lion, elephant GEORGE MAXIM (attributed), Art Decoand egg ornament as well as a ceramic statue of a lady and hound,clown statue, 20th century,cold painted spelter onthe largest 25cm high (8)marble base circa 1930, $100200 22cm high, 36cm wide$500700365An Italian marble two branch candelabra 354together with four assorted table lamp An Art Deco desk set, chromebases, 20th century, (5 items), aeroplane and inkwells on blackthe tallest 23cm highglass plinth, circa 1930, $60100 35cm across$300500366Dutch pewter oil lamps, candelabra,candle holder and jugs, 20th century,the largest 34cm high (7)$100200 359'