b'96589588 591An Australian retro carver chair, originalT. H. BROWN & SONS Australian red and white vinyl with iron frame,blackwood bar chair (cut down), Melbourne origin, circa 1950s. circa 1950s,Part of the original furnishings of Channel79cm high9 Studios, Melbourne. $120200 61cm across the arms$150250 592A vintage twin head standard lamp from 589 OSLO FEATURE LIGHTING, circa 1960s,An Australian retro occasional table,170cm highwhite painted iron with coloured tiled top,$200300circa 1950,40cm high, 58cm diameter$300500590PARKER coffee table, teak, circa 1960s,impressive proportions,30cm high, 205cm wide, 46cm wide$250350593ERIK PEDERSEN Australian folk art ironbark, table, bench and two stools, made at Montsalvat, Victoria, signed Erik June 74,590 the table 37cm high, 92cm wide, 53cm deep$300500 '