b'29124123 might have been acquired by a ships captain for resale in London HIGHLY IMPORTANT CARVED WOODEN KANGAROO,to an animal dealer. (There is evidence of kangaroos being sold CIRCA 1800, under these circumstances for 5 at Sydney Cove and when A large upright standing primitively carved kangaroo,Governor Phillip returned to England in 1792 five kangaroos were circa 1790 - 1810, included in his miniature menagerie aboard the Atlantic.)102cm tall. The kangaroo made the return journey to Australia in early 1983, Displayed at the British Antique Dealers Fair at Olympia in 1982where it was included in the E.J. Aingers Australiana Auction by Jellinek & Sampson of Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, theconducted over the Anzac Day weekend in April of that year. kangaroo was dated by them and described as being chippedThe catalogue was written by Toby and Juliana Hooper and from a block of pinus sylvestrus. The J & S stock always includedthe lot was featured in an article in The Australiana Society a large number of early carvings and they were considered highlyNewsletter of that month. We believe Marvin Hurnell acquired knowledgeable and respected dealers in the field. the almost life-size carving at the auction and he was delighted to include it in his private collection for the next three decades.Who made it and how? The type of wood, which has been$6,00010,000confirmed, is typical of timber which would have been found in a ships carpenters workroom in the late eighteenth century. There are traces of the original polychrome on the eyes and part124of the tail has been replaced. Further analysis suggests that theROBERT PRENZEL mirror, spectacularly carved with brushtail piece is carved from several smaller pieces of the timber whichpossum, gum nuts and leaves,have then been joined together. It is further suggested that thisworkshop stamp on reverse Robt. Prenzel. Toorak Road, might confirm its creation at sea by someone using offcuts orSouth Yarra. European Labour Onlyotherwise without access to a single large block of the timber. It79 x 80cmwas probably done on the homeward journey from Botany Bay,$15,00020,000either from memory or by reference to a live example which'