b'54339A large pair of maritime spotlights,brass and copper, early 20th century,52cm high, 42cm wide (2)$8001,200340DENOYER GEPPERT Co. 16 inch Celestial Globe, circa 1920s,63cm high$600800341A whalebone bead graduated necklace, 19th century,has been restrung, 76cm long$300500 342Sailors whalebone toggle and carved 336 hand, 19th century,335 3cm and 5.5cm long (2)$200300 335 337A Japanese ships lantern, copper, A maritime masthead lantern,brass and glass, early 20th century, brass, copper and glass, (electrified), 58cm high 19th/20th century,$350450 45cm high$250350336An antique English telescope on tripod338stand, engraved M. BERGE, LONDON,PORT PHILLIP Pilot boat tallship diorama, Late Ramsden, late 18th century, 19th century,108cm long (extended) 49 x 83cm$8001,200 $500700339 337'