b'37186JOHN CAMPBELL green glazed pottery vase with two handles,old staple repairs,incised John Campbell, Tasmania, B30,18cm high, 23cm wide$120200 187MELROSE WARE green glazed pottery gum leaf bowl,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian,8cm high 19cm diameter$250350188MELROSE WARE pink glazed pottery187trough with gumleaf decoration,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, 190 19212.5cm high, 34cm wide MELROSE WARE pottery fish vase withMELROSE WARE blue glazed pottery $200300unusual green glaze, vase with gumnuts and leaves,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, stamped Melrose Ware, Australian,189 21.5cm high 8cm high, 9cm wideMELROSE WARE ribbed green glazed$500700 $80120 vase plus two gumleaf vases,marked Melrose Ware, Australian, 191 193the largest 17cm high (3) MELROSE WARE green glazed potteryMELROSE WARE pottery gum leaf $120200vase with gum leaves, trough with unusual green glaze,stamped Melrose Ware, Australian, stamped Melrose Ware, Australian,12.5cm high, 35cm wide24cm high$500700 $350450 190 191'