b'158990MAPS 991[NEW SOUTH WALES & NEW ZEALAND, NEW HEBRIDES & THE ISLANDS ADJACENT]989 1808 (DEC.12) WILKINSON PRINTING (LONDON); ENGRAVED BELLIN, Jacques Nicholas [1703-1772] BY FROGGETT.Carte reduite des terres Australes, Par le Sr. Bellin, Ingr. de laComprising the discoveries of Mandana, Quiros, Carteret, Marine De la Societe Royale de Londres & ca. 1753; Bougainville, Surville, Cook, Shortland, &c, &c; with the British 22 x 29.5cm (plate size). Settlements at Port Jackson, Norfolk Isle, &c; framed and Original copperplate-engraved map of a Reduced Chart of theglazed, overall 39 x 33.5cm.Southern Lands by Jacques Nicolas Bellin published in Holland$100150 circa 1760. Bellin used a dotted line for his theories of the east coast of Australia, joining Van Diemens Land to Espiritu Santu992(New Hebrides) and Papua New Guinea and New Britain. In French, along this imagined coast Bellin wrote I suppose thatWalliss New Game, Exhibiting a Voyage round The World.the land of Diemen could join with the land of the Holy Ghost butWALLIS, Edward(this is) without proof. In this version, the statements are also[Published by Published by E. Wallis, 42 Skinner Street and 12 translated into Dutch. High Street, Islington] c.1823.$1,0001,250Engraved game map with hand colour, dissected and mounted on linen, folding into original cloth slipcase, lettered in gilt. 41 x 62cm. Lacks instruction booklet.990 Wallis first published a game of this nature in 1796 and by the BOWLESS NEW ONE-SHEET MAP of ASIA, Divided into its1820s a number of new discoveries had been incorporated, Empires, Kingdoms, States, &c. together with other refinements made to the game itself. The [Bowles and Carver, St. Pauls Church Yard], circa 1801 sheet contains the world in two conjoined hemispheres with Dissected map, 54 pieces with three blank replacement pieces5 additional hemispheres around the outside consisting of (the lost pieces in the regions of Java, Sumatra and Hokkaido);Geographical Circles, Zones, Parallels of Latitude, Meridians, hand-coloured lithograph paper laid down on wood, theand an Explanation of Geographical Characters. The players completed map measuring 48.5 x 58cm., in the original timbercircumnavigate the world traveling east around Africa, through box with sliding lid, original printed label. A wonderful childrensIndia, New Holland then north to China and Japan, then south puzzle created from a very early scarce nineteenth-century mapthrough North and South America, west to New Zealand the of Asia and the Pacific that includes details of the northernmostPacific Islands before crossing back to the South Atlantic and portion of Australia as well as an additional inset map of thereturning to port in London.entire Australian continent. $1,5002,000$1,5002,000'