b'105631631 (Detail)641 644Set of six Australian silver cake forks,Australian sterling silver cheese 20th century, knife by TREVOR PLATT made for stamped 925 with pictorial makersLIBUCHA & PLATT,mark, stamped T.P. 92512.5cm long with pictorial animal mark,$12020019cm long, 61 grams$150250642SARGISONS set of five Australian645silver coffee spoons, Tasmanian origin,Australian sterling silver butter knife 20th century, with wattle handle by HARRIS & SON stamped STG. SILVER, Hobart, of Perth,10cm long (5) 16cm long, 33 grams$120200$150250643 646ERNST FRIES Australian pewter drink setAn Australian sterling silver pt knifecomprising eight goblets and a platter,by HANNES MEYER of Perth W.A.circa 1970, 14cm long, 21 gramsstamped E. Fries, Aust., $100200 the platter 24cm diameter (9)$250350 645644'