b'34143 152 161Australian Arts and Crafts hand-paintedTwo hand-painted porcelain cabinetThree hand-painted porcelain jugs,porcelain vase with daffodil motif,plates with Australian wildflowers, signed Ethel M. Good, R. Carman early 20th century, signed E. Wandsbrough and and one other (illegible),21.5cm high W.B. Haselgrove, the tallest 11cm high (3)$12020031cm and 25cm (2) $100200 $120200 144 162Australian Arts and Crafts hand-painted153 Two hand-painted porcelain tea cup, porcelain vase with Geraldton wax motifFour hand-paint porcelain cabinet plates, saucer and plate sets,by MAY CREETH, Western Australiansigned Maida Wright, Mamie Vennerone signed F. A. Hough (6)origin, and Sally Rush, $100200 signed M.Creeth. Leschenaultia, W.A., the largest 22cm diameter (4)$120200 10cm high, 14cm wide 163$150250A set of six hand-painted porcelain154 plates with fruit motif,145 A pair of hand-painted cups and saucers, signed Maida Wright,Australian hand-painted pierced porcelainsigned E. MEYER, 21.5cm diameter (6)basket with fruit motif, the saucers12.5cm diameter (4) $150250 signed Maida Wright, $100200 6cm high, 26cm wide 164$150250155 MAMIE VENNER twenty seven piece A hand-painted porcelain compote dessert service, hand-painted with fruit 146 and bowl, decoration,Australian hand-painted porcelain platterthe bowl signed F.A.R., the largest compote 14cm high, with floral design, Adelaide, Souththe compote 14cm high, 24cm diameter24cm diameter (27)Australian origin, (2) $400600 signed C. JARVIS, $100200 21 x 32.5cm 165$120200156 An Australian box with repouss Hand-painted porcelain beaker, kookaburra lid, circa 1930s,147 ink pot and floral dish, 4cm high, 9cm wide, 15cm deepADA NEWMAN Australian hand-paintedthe beaker 8cm high (3) $120200 porcelain 15 piece coffee set with$100200 wildflower motif, N.S.W. origin,signed A.J. Newman,the pot 18cm high (15) 157 POTTERY$600800Two hand-painted porcelain compotes and a savory dish, 166all signed Mamie Venner,148 the largest 18cm wide (3) ARTIST UNKNOWN, Wisteria hand-S. MURDOCH Australian hand-painted$100200painted vase on a German porcelain porcelain plate with two birds, blank, late 19th early 20th century,signed S. Murdoch, 35cm high25cm diameter 158 $150250 $100200Four assorted hand-painted porcelain bowls and a floral cream jug, 167signed Maida Wright, C. Jarvis149 and J. C. Laught, Two Colonial brickwork pottery lion A hand-painted cabinet place with rosella,the jug 7cm high (5 items) doorstops,late 20th century, $10020024cm and 28cm long (2)signed Elizabeth Prior, 1984, $120200 22cm diameter 159$100200Hand-painted porcelain vase, sandwich168tray and bon bon dish, V.A.P. (Victoria Art Pottery) green glazed 150 signed Mamie Venner, G. Harmer, mantel vase by WILLIAM FERRY,Australian hand-painted plate withthe vase 8.5cm high (3 items) triangular factory mark V.A.P.,cottage scene, South Australian origin, $10020027cm highsigned F. SMITH, $250350 23.5 diameter 160$80120Hand-painted porcelain teapot, 169signed Gwynil Hurley, DOULTON BURSLEM AUSTRALIAN 151 12cm high, 19cm wide FEDERATION, 1901 commemorative An Australian hand-painted plate with$100200porcelain jardiniere,two budgerigars, stamped Doulton Burslem, England,signed J. SPARSHOTT, 13cm high, 13cm wide24cm diameter $400600$100200 '