b'65432427 432TASMANIA: monochrome image ofAn Australian folk art carved cedar picture Russell Falls, from the painting byframe with a period portrait photograph Haughton Forrest, which formed theof a child, circa 1900,basis of the design for Tasmanias 189976 x 64cm4d Pictorial postage stamp; framed and$300500glazed, overall 40.5 x 33cm.$4060433PITCAIRN ISLAND book box with 428 stamped inscription Souvenir From WILLIAM DRUMMOND & Co.Pitcairn Island Home Of The Mutineers travel clock in original fitted case,Of H.M.S. Bounty, Made By Clive early 20th century, Christian, with incised elevated view of 7cm high the island, early 20th century,$15025020cm high$300500429A pair of Australian bookends,434blackwood with silver map of Tasmania,An Australian apprentice chest, stained early 20th century, red pine, circa 1900,13cm high (2) top to drawers fitted with compartments,$15025035.5cm high, 29cm wide, 19cm deep.PROVENANCE430 The Rodney Pemberton CollectionA pair of Australian folk art bookends $150250 with fairy wren decoration, painted papier-mch, late 19th century, 43512cm high, 15cm wide, 12cm deep (2) An Anglo-Ceylonese workbox, porcupine $150250 quill, ebony and bone, the interior fitted with lidded compartments and lift out 431 tray, 19th century,EMILE GALLE Gum Blossom 13cm high, 30cm wide, 21cm deepFrench three coloured cameo glass vase,$400600 circa 1900,tall cylindrical form with robust onion436shaped base, An Anglo-Ceylonese hexagonal box, signed in foliage near base Gall, porcupine quill, ebony and bone, an impressive 59cm high 19th/20th century,$5,0007,000 12cm high, 23cm wide, 19.5cm deep$250350 431'