b'117721721 724NICHOLAS CHEVALIER (18281902) JOHN SKINNER PROUT (18051876)(The Great Australian Exploration Race), group of four engravings depicting Melbourne scenes,pen & wash, c1860, 18 x 24cm (4)22.5 x 26cm. $300500 ROBERT OHARA BURKE (1820-1861), Irish explorer in Australia. The Great Australian Exploration Race. Burke, 725on a camel, competes with the explorer John McDouall Stuart.[S.T. GILL] various engraved vignettes of Melbourne & Geelong This appears to be the original artwork for a cartoon published infrom The Melbourne Rose published by Joseph, Myers & Co., Melbourne Punch, 8 November 1860. The rivalry between BurkeLondon, 1862. (28 items) pasted to an old album sheet.and Stuart to be the first to cross the continent was exploited$120150 by several cartoonists of the day. An example of the published illustration and the accompanying poem are held by the State Library of Victoria (and can be viewed online). 726$600800 EDWARD GILKS (18221886)(based on a Charles Nettleton photograph)722 Elizabeth Street (1864)FREDERICK GARLING (18061873) hand-coloured lithograph (from Charles(The Essex in a gale) Troedels The Melbourne Album)published 1864/65,watercolour, 31.5 x 37cm.17.5 x 27.5cm. $8001,000 $1,5002,000 727723 SAMUEL THOMAS GILL (18181880)ARTIST UNKNOWN (19TH CENTURY) Native Miamiportrait of a lady, Colour engraving,watercolour, signed S. T. G. in image,in period maple frame, published by Hamel and Ferguson, Melbourne,20 x 16cm 18 x 25cm.$250350 Plate 2 from The Australian Sketchbook, 1865$150250'