b'107658664 665657654A goldminers brooch, crossed pickand shovel with nugget specimen,rope and bucket, 658stamped South Africa, 9ct, An Australian sterling silver and fine 4.5cm, 3.5 grams black opal ring most likely the work of $8001,200 Rhoda Wager.$300500655An antique cameo brooch in gold mount,65919th century, Australian sterling silver and oval 4.5cm high cut black opal ring attributed to $150250Rhoda Wager.$150250 656Australiana bracelet, gilt metal with660Australian capital city coats of arms A 9ct rose gold and solid jelly opal ring, done in enamel, circa 1927, late 19th century,17cm long stamped (9, 375),$120200$250350 657 661A 9ct gold solid opal ring with whiteSouthern Cross antique Australiangold highlights, most likely the work of15ct gold brooch set with diamonds,Rhoda Wager. stamped 15ct with pictorial marks,$300500 4.5cm wide$300500 664Australian magpie brooch, 9ct 662 rose gold with enamel decoration, early 20th century,Australian 15ct gold bar brooch andattributed to J. C. Taylor, Perth, matching 9ct gold earrings set withWestern Australia,handsome gold nugget specimens, 2.5cm diameter, 3.75 grams4.5cm wide, 11.75 grams total $300500$8001,200663 665A kangaroo hatpin, sterling silver and Australian sterling silver and black opalenamel, made in London, circa 1900,doublet brooch and matching earrings13cm high, 3cm wideattributed to Rhoda Wager $250350the brooch 5cm wide$200300 661 662'