b'1811144 Poland (Sep.27); other major news stories include U-Boat Assortment with 1930-40s autograph book with signaturessinking of British Battleship Royal Oak killing 833 (Oct.15) and of actors/performers Walter Niblo (music hall comedian, onattempted assassination of Hitler in Munich (Nov.9); domestic photograph) & Georgie Wood (Wee Georgie Wood) with datednews covered includes Yankees defeating the Reds to win 8th pen & ink drawing of himself alongside and Owen Nares (actor);World Series (Oct.8), New York Municipal Airport (La Guardia) cigarette cards Wills 1929 Crests and Colours of Australiandedicated (Oct.15), Roosevelt laying cornerstone of Jefferson Universities, Colleges & Schools [67/68], also Millhoff (London)Memorial (Nov.16), Al Capone freed from prison (Nov.17), release 1931-33 Real-Photo series (70) & Gallaghers Park Drive 1937of Gone with the Wind (Dec.15); many Sunday issues with The Navy (56) including duplicates; Orient Line late-1950srotogravure picture sections; plethora of advertisements noting Passenger Guides (2), SS Ryndam 1958 passenger list, SSfull-page for Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, also department Orsova 1958 set of 6 Queens of England menu cards; 1971and fashion stores including Macys, Saks, John Wanamaker copy of My Life of Song by Gladys Moncrieff with signed& Rogers Peet, plus numerous others for whiskey or cognac. dedication, early 2000s deck of Ralph glamour playing(4 volumes)cards; ephemera including parcel labels, USA 1940s Customs$200300 Declaration labels, banking documents, receipts, etc. (qty)$2003001148A carton containing various books, pamphlets, brochures, 1145 invoices, guides, bank cheques and other ephemeral material, May GIBBS circa 1920s - 60s and mostly Australian.Tales Of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie: All About Two $100200 Little Gum-Nut Babies & Their Adventures Wonderful[Angus & Robertson, Sydney nd (1934)], 114988pp, sepia illustrations & colour frontispiece,Various books, including Tales of Rowe Street by Pearson hardback with dustjacket. (with d/j); The Letters of Rachel Henning with illustrations Also, Little Obelia and Further Adventures by Norman Lindsay (1952); The Australia Book by Pownall; of Ragged Blossom Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Dobell on Dobell by Freeman (with d/j); E.G. Waterhouse of [Angus & Robertson]. (2 vols.). Eryldene by Armati (signed l/e); A Lifetime of Embroidery by $120150 Field (signed l/e); etc. (8 items), mixed condition.$150200 1146IDA RENTOUL OUTHWAITE 1150Sixpence to Spend Eclectic array of newspapers and posters including WWII [Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1935] newspapers Dziennik Polski (Mar 23, 1941), Die Zeitung (Mar First edition, quarto h/cover with dust jacket. 12, 1941), Onafhankelijk Belgie (Apr.10, 1941) & Norske Tidend Illustrated in b/w, with 5 tipped-in colour plates. (Apr. 22, 1941) all published in London, 1973 edition Kuwait $300400Times, 1991 (Feb) Australian 1st Gulf War billboard posters (20); movie daybills for All About Sex of all Nations (1971), Around 1147 the World with Fanny Hill (1974), horror film Dark Places NEW YORK TIMES - WWII ERA: 1939 Oct. 1-15, Nov. 1-15,(1974) & Roger Vadims Night Games (1980, 2 copies), few Nov. 16-30 & Dec.1-15 broadsheets in four bound volumes.sports posters, 1948 Map of Australia, etc; also incongruous Strong coverage of The European Conflict with the Octhydrometer set in a wooden box. (qty)1st (Sunday) edition Week in Review article covering the$120160 Surrender of Warsaw and the Russian/German partition of 1140 part 1145'