b'151936 942MELBOURNE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Portraits, cartes-de-visite,An accumulation of cartes de visite, mainly AUSTRALIAN etc., by E. Sands (Bourke St.); J. T. Seymour (Wellington St.);photographers, including Wilmot & Key (Geelong), Batchelder William Short & Co (Bourke St. East); Stevenson & McNicoll& ONeill (Melb.), Yoeman & Co. (Prahran), Waddington & Co. (Elizabeth St.); Stewart & Co. (Bourke St. East); Stewart & Co.(Melb.), Davies & Co. (Melb.), Turners (Geelong), Gaul & Dunn (Bourke St.); Talma (Swanston St.); Taylor & Withers (Collins(Melb.), T.S.Small (Melb.), C. Hewitt (Melb.), David Wood St.); Tuttle & Co. (Elizabeth St.); University Studio (Lygon St.,(Emerald Hill), Milligan Bros. (Sydney), J.W. Lindt (Melb.) and Carlton); Vanderwyde (Bourke St.); Vandyck (Bourke St. East);others, plus several English examples. (51)Vita (Swanston St.); E.C. Waddington (Elizabeth St.); Ward &$120200 Co. (Bourke St.); E. Witt (Balmoral St., Sth Yarra); David Wood (Emerald Hill); Yoeman & Co. (various addresses), and Yoemans943(Bourke St. East). (50 items).$200300LAUNCESTON: Photographer unknown, c1880 albumen print of James French newly extended shop and dwelling in Paterson Street with external signage reading Kerosine Oil & 937 Lamps / Room Paper & Window Glass / Paints Oils Colors &c.; VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS: Portraits, cartes-de-visite,also, a Feb. 1893 albumen print of Eagle Street, BRISBANE in etc., by Daniel Clark (Warrnambool); Frederick Cornell (Sale);flood (by Wiley) on a damaged mount. (2 items). Both approx. T.E. Crowther (Echuca); P. Dawson (Hamilton); R. Dermer Smith15.5 x 21cm.(Bendigo); W. Grimwood (Echuca); J. Jordan (Warrnambool);$120150 Lancasters (Bairnsdale); Lovewell & Co. (Wbool); G. Richards (Ballarat); Roberts Bros (Ballarat); J.H.R. Roberts (Brat); A.H.944Hill; School of Photography (Brat); Willetts (Brat) & Thomas Wyatt (Wbool). (20 items). Early Residents Of Adelaide 1870-1880, two attractively $100150framed displays each with 9 mounted carte-de-visite portrait photographs,54 x 44cm overall (2 items)938 $100150 QUEENSLAND, OTHER AUSTRALIAN, NEW ZEALAND & OTHER FOREIGN PHOTOGRAPHERS: Portraits, cartes-de-visite, etc., including the work of Henry Goode (Rockhampton), Hansen Lundager (Rockton), Mathewson (Brisbane), McCleeand & Goode (Rockton), J. Watson (Brisbane), Anson (Hobart), Gestenkorn (Invercargill), Albert Sachs (Bradford), Wilson & Bullock (Larnsley), Walter Lewis (Bath), Drummond (Dumferline), H.S. Mendelssohn (Newcastle on Tyne), J.Grey (Stonehouse), J. Pinnington (Aigburth), Heath & Bullingham (Plymouth), J. Oman (Newark), Debenham (Weymouth), Christiano Junior (Buenos Aires), A. Hing (Hong Kong), and others. (59 items).$180200 939c1870 carte de visite depicting Upwards of Five Hundred photographic portraits of the most celebrated personages of the Age (Ashford , Brothers & Co., London); also, a carte de visite of Pope Pius IX (Otto von Hartitzsch, Adelaide) and two other contemporaneous items. (4).$100150 940H.M.S. COSSACK: Album of 19th Century silver gelatin photographs tracing the voyage of the Cossack from Sydney to Melbourne, Hobart, Fiji & on to England. Many photos captioned & pages adorned with superb cartoon caricatures & dated 1873.The Cossack was originally commissioned by the Russian Navy but was commandeered at the start of the Crimean War by the British and sent into battle at Fort Gotland in 1855. She then went on to serve in the Cape Colony, China Station, New Zealand & the Australia Station. The Cossack was instrumental in the fight against Blackbirding in the South Seas and the court-martial of Dr. James Patrick Murray of the Carl for murdering 70 Pacific islanders was conducted onboard. Of note are a series of photographs of Levuka Fiji. (59 photographs).$2,0003,000 941Album of carte de visite photographs predominantly Australian photographers including military and commemorative photographs, 19th century, (50 photographs)$150250ex 941'