b'95587583 585 587An Australian silky oak record cabinet,An Australian Art Deco occasional table,A pair of Australian Art Deco bedside Queensland origin, circa 1920, circa 1930, cabinets, birdseye maple and walnut with interior fitted with numerous 10 inch and67cm high, 65cm wide, 65cm deep blackwood handles, circa 1930s,12 inch compartments, $250350 80cm high, 56cm wide, 60cm deep (2)99cm high, 46cm wide, 44cm deep $8001,200$300500 586Australian Art Deco dining table using 584 fine cuts of Tasmanian blackwood, A nest of three occasional tables,circa 1930,silky oak, Queensland origin,76cm high, 148cm wide, early 20th century, 85cm deepthe largest 56cm high, 52cm wide,$60080036cm deep (3)$300500 583585'