b'110676681676 680GAUNT Australian 15ct gold Albert fobWENDT Australian 18ct gold mounted chain, 19th century, cameo brooch, South Australian origin, stamped Gaunt, 15ct, 19th century,41cm long, 50 grams stamped Wendt, 18,$2,5003,500 4 x 3cm$400600 677NEWMAN Australian Colonial 18ct yellow681gold ring set with five rose cut diamonds,Antique Australian gold and opal Melbourne origin, 19th century, ring, brooch and pair of earrings, 677 stamped Newman, 18ct, late 19th century (4)3.85 grams total $8001,200$400600682678 A Colonial nephrite and gold brooch,An Australian gold stick pin New Zealand origin, 19th century,$100150stamped 14K, 585,4 x 3.5cm679 $400600 WENDT Australian 9ct gold and jasper brooch, South Australian origin,68319th century, A Tasmanian mariner shell bead necklace,stamped Wendt,9, 180cm long3.8cm wide $400600$400600 684A shell bead necklace, early 20th century.$250350 683'