b'161ex 1004POLAR EXPLORATION Scrimgeour titled Break-up Day, then several signatures and a small sketch by J. Blondford dated 26/4/03 at Dunedin. It is this small sketch which faces Doolys, which is dated for the day 1003 on which the supply party arrived at the ship. (S.Y. Morning CONWAY, Sir William Martin: THE FIRST CROSSING ofwas in New Zealand at the time). Several later pages also carry SPITSBERGEN; Being an Account of an Inland Journey ofsketches by Leslie D. Coombs (Mark Hambourg) and others.Exploration and Survey, with Descriptions of Several MountainDoorly, master mariner and author, was born at Port of Spain, Ascents, of Boat Expeditions in Ice Fjord, of a Voyage to North- Trinidad. He was educated at Queens Royal College, Trinidad, East-Land, and Seven Islands, down Hinloopen Strait, nearly toand from 1894 in the Thames Nautical Training College, H.M.S. Wiches Land, and into most of the Fjords of Spitsbergen, andWorcester, for the mercantile marine. A fellow cadet and of an almost complete circumnavigation of the main Island.friend was E. R. G. R. Evans (later Admiral Lord Mountevans). With contributions by J.W. Gregory, A. Trevor-Battye, and E.J.Doorly graduated Queens gold medallist in 1897, served his Garwood. Together with eight coloured plates reproduced inapprenticeship in sail and in 1901-02 did troop-and hospital-ship facsimile from sketches by H.E. Conway, two maps, and aboutwork with the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. in the one hundred full-page and text illustrations from photographsSouth African War.and sketches. [J.M.Dent, London, 1897]. First edition. 371pp.In 1902-04 Doorly and Evans served together as junior officers Plates, folding maps. Gilt-stamped decorated two-tone cloth, topin the S.Y. Morning, the supply ship to Captain R. F. Scotts edges gilt., others untrimmed; Discovery, of the National Antarctic Expedition. Doorly was $400500awarded the Polar Service medal for his work in the Morning, which freed the Discovery from her ice-bound anchorage. Doorly 1004 had gained his mates certificate in Hobart in December 1903 and his masters certificate in London a year later. After a few CAPTAIN James GERALD STOKELY DOORLY (1880 - 1956) months with the West India Mail Service, in 1905 he joined the A full page pencil & ink illustration titled Transporting storesUnion Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand and lived the rest of his over the frozen sea to the Discovery : Lat.7750 S. Long.life there.16625 E : G. Doorly. 26.4.02 (overall 16.5 x 22.5cm). Doorly also published an account of the 1902-04 expedition,The sketch occupies a page in an autograph/sketch book whichIn the Wake, to show that Scotts life was as worthy of fame was the property of Myra Montague and which she initiatedas his heroic death. A copy of that book, with a foreword by in October 1901 with a sketch of her own. The next sketch isEvans, accompanies the sketch book.titled The Head of Lake Wakatipu by A.M.Montague; followed$3,0005,000by an autograph of C.Cecil Spedding (collected at Puketeraki, near Dunedin in January 1903), a Louis Wain-like cat by M.'