b'59387A pair of Colonial candlesticks, turned blackwood, Tasmanian origin, 19th century,28cm high (2)$300500 388AN ALPHABET SET,England, circa 1830s-40s.A set of bone letter blocks, each approx. 15 x 18mm, 184 pieces, with upper and lower case letters incised and completed in black ink (mostly) by hand; in original cedar box with 27 internal compartments in 3 rows, each row surmounted by a bone strip with incised letters indicating the order of the alphabet; sliding lid.28.5 x 17.5cm overall$7501,000388389A GAME OF LOTTO, circa 1850Nouveau Jeu de Loto Geographique et Universel ou Tableaux des Capitales de LUnivers. 390[Paris, Chromol de Engelmann et Graf],An Australian cedar bookstand with circa 1850. carved floral decoration, circa 1855,A lotto game consisting of 18 pictorial14.5cm high, 40cm wide, 14cm deepgame cards, each illustrated with five$300500lithographic scenes depicting different cities of the world, a small cloth bag391containing glass counters, a large cloth bag containing 90 numbered timberA lawyers wig stand, blackwood and tokens, a printed description, list ofhuon pine, Tasmanian origin, circa 1855,places depicted and instructions on75cm highyellow paper; all contained in the original$400600decorated card box, 29 x 23cm; with colour-printed lid highlighted in gold. 392The depiction of Sydney Harbour (numberAn Australian carved timber paper knife, 48) is closely modelled on the view19th century,Vooloo-mooloo au Port Jackson which25cm longwas published in the official account of La Places grand voyage in La Favorite.$150250The view had originally been drawn in Sydney by the artist on the voyage, Barthelemy Lauvergne, and was prepared for publication as an aquatint by Sainson.$2,0002,500 389391'